Portable Outdoor Camping Camp Cooking Warm Wood Vented Tent Stove Heater With Pipe

Portable Outdoor Camping Camp Cooking Warm Wood Vented Tent Stove Heater With Pipe
Portable Outdoor Camping Camp Cooking Warm Wood Vented Tent Stove Heater With Pipe
Portable Outdoor Camping Camp Cooking Warm Wood Vented Tent Stove Heater With Pipe
Portable Outdoor Camping Camp Cooking Warm Wood Vented Tent Stove Heater With Pipe
Portable Outdoor Camping Camp Cooking Warm Wood Vented Tent Stove Heater With Pipe
Portable Outdoor Camping Camp Cooking Warm Wood Vented Tent Stove Heater With Pipe
Portable Outdoor Camping Camp Cooking Warm Wood Vented Tent Stove Heater With Pipe
Portable Outdoor Camping Camp Cooking Warm Wood Vented Tent Stove Heater With Pipe
Portable Outdoor Camping Camp Cooking Warm Wood Vented Tent Stove Heater With Pipe

Portable Outdoor Camping Camp Cooking Warm Wood Vented Tent Stove Heater With Pipe

Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Stove. We have a proven track record over the years.

We have 1000s of satisfied customers all over the world. Our Stove brings the heat. No cheap parts here, just tough galvanized steel with a high-temperature finish. And the hinged door is an even tougher cast iron with easy-control vent holes. There's no doubt about it, our Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Stove is built to last. With heating and cooking capability, it's the ultimate'dual threat. Perfect for camp and more. Keeps coffee and sauce pans hot on top, brings water to a boil and cooks bacon and eggs! The legs detach, the pipes nest and the entire Stove fits inside itself for easy storage and smooth transport. Contents include 5 pipes, detachable legs, assembly hardware, ash rake and fire poker/door opener. Galvanized steel with high-temperature heat-resistant black finish. Interlocking stove pipes with 3.375' diameter. Front hinged cast iron door with adjustable air vent. Top platform can be used to keep coffee and sauce pans hot.

Pipes nest and entire stove fits inside itself for easy storage and transport. Only for outdoor use with proper ventilation. Order now and warm up next to your new Wood Stove! Fire Box Thickness: 2mm (between 13-14 gauge). Total Pipe Length: 77.5.

Door Opening Dimensions: 9' x 6.5'h. Overall Dimensions: 12.5'w. Got on sale , great price.

Works great, put it in my work shop. Did not have any problems with draft.

Was worried it would be a problem because other reviews I read had that problem. Bought 2 more lengths of pipe for the height I needed and it works great. Good improved stove with room for one more improvement.

The stove, particularly with the addition of the door gasket, is a really good value and does the job well. A huge improvement would be a design change to accommodate a standard 4-inch stove pipe. Very portable ans easy to clean. It will hold three to four pieces of wood very easily. My only issue is I bought this to us with my SportmanGuide 10X12 Canvas tent.

It really didnt perform as well as I had hoped so the next day after doing some research I found it is meant to heat a 10X10 or smaller tent. Putting it together once it was delivered was a breeze but I do recommend setting the stove up in your drive way or open area and doing a medium to hot fire in it for about 4 hrs to cure the paint or you will get smoked out of the tent the first time you use it while camping.

Lined the sides, back and bottom with fire brick and it heats up my 34 ft. Work shop (RV) with no problem. Used one section of the supplied stack, then used 3 in. Gas water heater stack to run it out the roof. Made an ash catching tray and mounted it below the door to catch any ashes that fall out during raking. This thing is great i love it. This stove delivered beyond my expectations.

Heavy duty stove body & stove pipe with damper control. The stove door is great with a cool touch handle and door has a gasket. Puts out a lot of heat. I can't remember the last time I felt as I got such a good deal! Leg snapped on 2nd use..

Looked at others it's just tack welded.. Should never leave factory like this but easy enough 2 weld it up right.. This little powerhouse is a fantastic stove, do not hesitate to order for your ice shack.

Nothing like breakfast on the ice with bacon cooking on the stove in the cast iron pan. So happy with this stove. I rate this stove a 100%. Way better than expected for the price. Takes the chill out of my 900 square foot manland. Needs a way to secure the legs, the stove is lightweight and shifts around easily, which happens when closing/opening the door catch.

Also, i can put fairly large logs in the chamber, but the draft control holes are really too small-it does much better with chunks of 1-2' diam. I have not had a problem with too small flue, but I have a tall stack arrangement-using 3' gas flue, that clamps onto the included piping. Extra lengths of pipe were unavailable when I ordered. I give it 5 star it is just what we need for the extra trailer for some heat when we need it inthere.

I added 1 inch thick fiire bricks to the bottom and lower sides to make it last much longer. One thing I realized is to make sure you burn the stove in properly before it can be used with the doors closed. It heats up my shop just as advertised.

Small package provides some incredible benefits. Perfect little stove for the enclosed deer stand or fish house.

Lots of heat for such a small stove. This stove pumps out a tremendous amount of heat. Everything comes ready to assemble and all you need is a small adjustable wrench and a metric allen wrench. The stack nests together nicely but the first time you get the fire going it sweats and drips because the top sections slide over the ones below allowing the black ooze to run down the sections below, at the seam, and is messy.

It would be great if you could get pre-made 90s as the ID/OD of the pipe is not a standard size. This is the perfect unit for a wall tent or well vented work shop. Works well in our tent. I put this stove in a small homemade Sauna.

Only thing I'd change would be one more section of stovepipe. Door hinge was a little wonky, couple minutes with the mig fixed it. Good value for what you get. Great little wood stove for deer blind.

The Pipe is surprisingly pretty heavy duty for the price. Some reviews said door didn't seal well, not sure if I got newer model but mine had a rope around the door like a regular wood stove.

Great for the ice shanty. Wood stove came with all piping and dampener. That was a nice surprise.

Steel is thick enough to burn scrap wood pieces or even charcoal. Very Pleased with Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Stove, from first fire it has done very well , with no complaint from me, and a whole lot of praise from friends. This is an August 2018 update.

After reading the reviews before purchasing I noted that people commented on the following 1 no gasket on the door 2 non-availability of extra vent pipe. Nice wood heater for the price. I bought this wood heater for my shop or man cave I really like the wood heater it warms up the space very well. The size is great wasn't hard to put together I changed the stove pipe to 6 inch.

Would be 5 stars but i wish it had a gasket around the door and one more chimney stack. I have bought three of them. This stove is a very good stove. Out of the box all parts accounted for, first burn went well, have not did any cooking yet but it has plenty of room for my med.

It really puts out the heat. A couple minuses: The exhaust pipe is a bit narrow and can only handle small fires. Too big of fire, or a lot of paper creates a back draft. Also, it took several fires to eliminate the paint smell so I used a wire brush and a drill and removed the paint form the box. Other than those two things, this stove can really crank out the heat. I like it's compact size. It warms my garage just enough for me to work on projects when it is cold out. Just installed my stove but started to notice the black finish is coming off and is is leaving a white spots no I have to put more stove polish on it. Amazing stove works great no smoke inside my garage.

Paint blisters off right away but that is the quality issue. Mine only came with 3 pipes and flame arrest or. For the price, this product was perfect. I adapted it to work in my studio, 300 sq. I'm having trouble using this stove.

We bought this for our cabin but the pipe is too short and we are having trouble finding extenders for this stove. Other than that you can tell the stove is sturdy and well built. I bought the 10x12 canvas tent from sportsman's guide and this stove works great in it.

I had to raise it to the top stack above the peak of the tent. This throws out a lot of heat. I wish the legs were longer so you dont have to get on the ground to fill it. Good stove for a tent or tiny house. With a few improvements it's works great.

This stove is the BEST. I put this stove in my tiny house/cabin. This stove is the best I've used. Here is a couple tips I improvised to make it operate in an exceptional way. I bought a reducer black stove pipe, - one that goes from 6 inch to 4 inch.

The included stove pipe (with stove) is approx 3 1/2', so I bought a 1/4' steel rod. (common in any hardware store) formed it into a ring, dropped into the gap between the reducer pipe and stove pipe. Put screws in place, to hold ring, then completed with stove cement.

Now the stove has a 6 inch pipe. Next, I added a 6 inch x 12' black pipe to the first, and installed a damper. At the very top, (outside) I installed a wind resistant chimney cap.

(google - looks sort of like a roman helmet) Always get good draft, and no blow back. Easy putting together, fire going in it to cure it! Giving of nice even heat.

Gonna be great in the tree stand, and believe me I have tried everything else. No sound, and just a little smoke as the stove is definitely designed correctly. You can't beat this deal.

I bought this stove for my Sibley tent. The price for what you get is unbelievable. It's not perfect, I had to use bolts on the legs because several over the holes were stripped and the hole for the stove pipe flange had to be ground out a bit in order for it to fit so yours might not work right out of the box. I also had to add a 3 inch flu but after that, it's perfect. It's very well build, puts out great heat, and it has a large cook top that will handle a big pan.

It's very heavy duty from top to bottom and built to last a lifetime of camping use. Flue support does not tighten. Holes drilled/tapped into top of stove are too big to snug the screws which mount the flue support piece. Full length of pipe can be knocked to the floor with a gentle push of a finger. Product is excellent except there is no flue damper and gasket for the stove pipe connector. I made a grate for mine would recommend doing this also. I like this stove and since it can heat a wall tent, I'm sure it will heat my little 12x24 shed enough to work in comfortably. I haven't installed it yet, because my peak if 9 feet high and HQ doesn't supply extra pipe lengths.

The recommendation is to go to a pipe and muffler shop to get an extension made. I'm going to try that this week. The pipe is not a full 4 in. The description says 3.375.

I hope I don't have to neck down. I'm not sure how that will work draft wise. Good value for the price and quality. My husband got this for his shed. It came with all the pipe needed to make it work.

He started a small fire in it to test it out, as it has still been warm here. It is the perfect size and is well made. The price was great too!

Though I've only done the initial fireing, to temper the paint. I look forward to using this stove this winter. I have tried every single shop within 50 miles of my home and have been told over and over again that 3.375 is a specialty ordered pipe size and they cannot get it.... Tried customer service they had no answers except we do not sell extra pieces...

Tried local fab shop and they have not been able to find any.... Stove works good but it is pretty much useless to me with out the additional pipe. I really like this little stove. It puts out plenty of heat and the price is hard to beat! For the price you cannot go wrong.

This is a great little stove, I bought a 12 X 15 outfitter tent and bought this stove to use in it. Created a little stand inside the tent for it to stand on and works just fine. Keeps the tent nice and toasty warm on a cold night. Stove worked exactly as I thought it would. BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK! GREAT LIL STOVE, I USE MINE INDOORS! Can't beat the price. Great solid built stove that comes with a nice amount of flu pipe.

We are putting it in a large camper van which isn't recommended, but the only reason I think they have to say its'outdoor only,' is because it IS NOT e. Certified with a secondary burner blah blah shmlah!

Where's the secondary burner on a campfire? The box is made of galvanized steel which WILL NOT release cyanide fumes, as many old timers might lead you to believe. Not coated they WILL release zinc oxide fumes, but only after reaching 2360F (Which you WILL NOT) and if you manage to you'll feel like you have the flu for a few days, and be fine.

With that said the coating seems to wear quite well except on the latch and air vent slides, which is only worn on the edge where the coating clumped up. HEAT IT UP PROGRESSIVELY HOTTER EVERY BURN TO'CURE' COATING. Wanted for hunting camp in mountains to replace propane heater, nothing any better than smell and atmosphere a wood stove makes.

Too hot to use now. Only downfall right now, it's 96° and including heat index.

Really look forward to trying while camping and hunting. Great price and easy assembly. I got this for CW reenacting and took it with me for company drill.

The legs and chimney were easy to add. Hint: screw in screws to bottom before using them to attach the legs, it will make the screwing in easier. Having the right size allen wrench on hand would also be a good thing.

The box would be a bit longer. It is set for 16 in logs which would be normal firewood but if the supplier cuts long you can run into issues. Overall it is still excellent. Stove is decent quality and functions well.

HQ Issue Outdoors Wood Stove. I bought this stove in December of 2016. I heat an area of 180 sq. It will absolutely run you out of the area.

For the price and easy installation, you cannot beat this stove. I put this heater in a small dormer attached to my enclosed deer stand. The dormer allows the chimney through without putting a hole in the roof. I put the burner from a small gas grill inside and I have heat when its super cold out.

(No fumes) In the off season, pop off the chimney and cover the hole. Have not used as of yet but I'm sure it will serve it's purpose 100 + %! This was a life saver when the electric went out.

It kept us all warm and that includes my 3 small dogs. It's small and really puts out the heat. We hAve ours in the front room with the pipe ran outside. A must have for a small cabin. It will definitely exceed your expectations! I love this wood stove! This is a perfect size for my needs!

The perfect amount of heat for the space. The price for this stove is great!

Similar ones cost twice as much (without the pipe)! Took this stove elk hunting for a 10 X 12 wall tent. Had to cut a big round of firewood to set it on as the stove pipe wasn't long enough. Needs another section or two of stove pipe. Good stove for smaller places.

Very satisfied with this stove. Only thing is it needs more pipe. The extra pipe is hard to find. It fit together in a jiffy and they even supplied the wrench!

NO stinky paint problems either. It was 20 degrees and my 12 x12 canvas tent was toasty!

1st barn outside works good. I like the stove and the way the parts fit together.

The stove pipe is very strong. This is an outdoor use only stove. Difficult to convert for indoor use. But that is as advertised.

Pipe size makes it a trick to increase to a four inch flue size. But it can be done by having an adapter made at a machine shop. Also, adding a damper once the 4 inch pipes are added should be no problem. I think a piece of insulation can be glued around the door opening to make the box airtight will be good, and maybe adding a retrofit grating inside the bottom will protect the bottom from burning out too soon. A retrofit baffle will increase the efficiency as will some secondary burn pipes. Just add a few firebricks and a gasket on the door and it's good to go.

No ability to get extra stovepipe but it looks like it's exhaust pipe so you could probably have extentions made at a muffler shop. Received it in just a couple days, even better. Stove is pretty good quality. I have only burned one small fire in it so far to break it in and it worked great. The only fault I see is the gap around the door and the fact that they used galvanized steel for everything but the door.

I've always been told galvanized metal and fire were a no-go because of the risk of zinc fumes. I'm gonna use it but will be cautiously optimistic unless someone can confirm how safe it is to use galvanized steel on a wood stove. But if it's good to go, this was a great find.

I don't see any problem heating a 400 sqft insulated cabin, which is that the stove will be used for (plenty leaking enough air into cabin so no safety concerns). After burning a few sessions, I've noticed slight bulge underneath the chamber which is to be expected, due to the thickness of the material. I would expect it to last at least 5 yrs if not longer.

Stove pipe is heavy duty. Need a few more pieces though. I cannot wait to place it in my camp property camper. Great little stove handy to have works verry good.

Ausome little stove great on our patio but need to find out where to get parts one of the Chimney pieces broke we want to replace. I was so happy with the first stove I got that I bought a second one to use in a different place! Receive it and very pleasantly surprised, much hardier then anticipated. Two cons regarding the stove is the handle gets hot, so currently looking for a different option, 2nd is the stove pipe is odd sized, so trying to find elbows (when needed) is proving difficult.

But for the price and quality of what you do get these are minor issues to deal with... I did read someone has gone to a muffle shop to have pipe fabricated.

So I will try this for the elbows. I would strongly recommend purchasing this. I haven't exactly used it yet but it seems well built. I did run it out in the yard to kinda set the paint. It did seem to burn well and the paint didn't even try to burn off. 4 inch pipe instead of 3 inch pipe!! I think the stove is to big for the 3 inch pipe!! 4 inch pipe would make it more efficient!! But still a great little stove!

Great stove great price built tough. Will suit my needs just fine n keep me nice n toasty. I haven't used it but expect great things.

I have read the reviews about the door not sealing perfectly and the stove pipe being an odd size. Is strange size pipe for stack. Actual Field Test Of HQ Issue Outdoor Wood Stove #WX2-648081. First off, I noticed the workmanship, fit and finish was square and pretty. The door fit flush, tight, and square with no gaps. Hardware was true and holes punched and threaded true. The 12 hex screws were the only thing to keep up with. They were heavy and coarse enough to not have to worry about stripping them. The chimney sections were heavy steel, maybe 1/16 inch thick and welded, NOT rolled sheet metal. They were ALL in-round at the ends. The fit was so snug, I contemplated getting a wood block to knock them down to meet the next one's shoulder (male/female joints). Instead, I just simply coated the inside and out of both fitting surfaces with Crisco, and they slid all the way home with ease. I lit a small fire to cure the paint instead of trying to turn it into an inferno on the first go-around. That was the right thing to do. This little stove cooked my breakfast and made my coffee outside this morning.

Very pleased with the sturdiness and quality of this low--priced wood stove. We haven't fired it up yet, but it is set up outside for outdoor use and surprisingly substantial for its price. It is definitely worth the moneyspent.

Haven't used it yet, but looks great. I made a small fire in it, and was surprised at how much heat it gave off. The only downside is the gap around the door when it is shut. The gap makes it difficult to control the fire, and will probably burn wood faster than it would if the door fit tightly like it should. It heats my 12 ft by 12 ft log cabin to a warm 75 degrees while its -15 outside.

This little stove is fantastic. It came complete and packed safely. All 5 pc's of stove pipe and legs fit inside for travel if neccessary. Ive burned a few good fires and it is holding up great. Throws off good heat too, but not for my purpose. Iron hinged door is a plus access. For the price its well worth it.

Keep in mind it is compact, about the size of a milk crate. Only draw back are the directions, outlet collar installs from the inside not outside. I RECIVED MY ORDER TODAY , IT WAS FAB.

NICLEY BUILT & VERY STRONG. NO ROUGH EDGES I GIVE THIS ITEM A 1000 STARS! I bought this for a hunting tent (10x20) worked great heat off of it was nice, outside was around 42 and in our tent it was around 70 it just right to take the chill away.

Its size also makes it easy to transport. Most reviews are quite favorable but most praise the stove for its use as a heater and the fact that it might be used to make coffee or fry eggs seems to be secondary. In a long term crisis such as an electrical grid being non-function we would need the stove probably set up adjacent to the house for cooking. Any recommendations as to whether that would be practical? Break in was easy, not much burn off.

Could be higher off the ground. Gives off lots of warm eat even with small fire. Built to last forever if taken care of. Product arrived in good condition. Stove is heavy duty and heats up nicely. I don't think you could get a better deal for the price. A little smaller than expected, but super sturdy. Got this stove for use with a wall tent. The stove itself is a little smaller than I expected, but it is made of thick steel, with a 1/4 steel plate door. Assembly was easy, and the stove pipe sections are made of heavy-gauge steel instead of thin galvanized junk. I have only used it once to mainly start breaking it in and so far it worked just fine. Camped out four days in my 10x12 canvas tent Feb 4-7 stove worked and heated very well. The door got tight to close all I did to fix it was loosen the lower door screw and tighten the top screw. I burned several small fires in the stove to cure the paint before a hot fire and it all worked very well.

Some of the pipe sections were a tight fit which required some work. Assembly instructions are easy to read and understand. I will be using this in my range house as a little heater and to heat a coffee pot. Heavy gauge metal easy to assemble.

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Portable Outdoor Camping Camp Cooking Warm Wood Vented Tent Stove Heater With Pipe